Guns don’t kill people

NRA member returns gun after seeing sign reading guns don't kill people

I’ve lost a drawing of a dog I did for a painting, so I’ve been flicking through sketchbooks where I found this picture from the LAST horrific school shooting by an anonymous gun owning American. Not this latest one.  Guns do kill people, in so far as where there are more guns there are more deaths, by gun.


and I feel fine


Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here – this is the War Room

Petraeus genius

A little doodle in response to the controversial idea of the former CIA director, it is explained in more detail on CNN but still seems more than a little ‘wacky’, to say the least.

If you can’t say something nice…

 a gorilla breaks her silence to   say 'im sorry, but you people are just awful' 
Scientists report that Koko, the Gorilla, shows signs of breathing and vocalisation that indicates apes may be closer to learning to talk than we think.  This cartoon suggests that maybe they haven’t yet out of politeness.

The sound of silence

Quick doodle I’ve done about Russell Brand condemning the minute of silence in memory of the Islamic State sanctioned murder of British tourists in Tunisia..

Russell Brand sketch

I did another version a little later:
Russell Brand silence

Not waving

The body of a drowned migrant washes up on a tourist beach

Hundreds of migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean already (opens in new window). This is a cartoon about this tragedy and the phrase ‘beach-body ready’ that prevails, having been the tagline of a controversial and eventually banned advert.

Things that can be shy

things that can be shy, tory voters, knife wielding maniacs and coconutsThe 2015 general election in the United Kingdom saw a win for the conservatives, thanks to a pile of ‘shy Tory’ votes. I wondered who else might be ‘shy’ about their behaviour – like murderers and so forth…